n o
An interactive video installation
where the user has to shout, cry or
sing to turn on movies.
Text, statistic material about the
the Danish population through the
last 5 years is rolling down the wall,
a microphone is standing in the
front. When someone starts using
the microphone the text starts to
crack and movies emerge. Movies
where people tell stories about
strange personal experiences.
The user is drawn into a "catch 22",
an interactive dilemma between
listening and shouting at the same
o d
Enantiodromia is an interactive video installation
shown in Stockholm - Artgenda, Biennal for young
artists around the Baltics, 1998
Enantiodromia is a jungerian notion that states that
any extreme psychic condition contains its opposite
- a love/hate relation is an example of that and this is
the theme in this installation. Through interaction the
relation between the two main characters changes
but also the role of the subordinate characters
transforms. From being subordinate characters in a
fiction they change to become their real selves and
shows to be experts: a psychologist, a biologist etc.
The installation consists of a network of 3 computers
connected to 3 projectors showing film on 3 walls.
l e
Noodles are difficult to eat. They are tasty, but
confusing. With the many ends you never know where
to start.
The term Noodlefilm refers to the complexity of noodles.
The common starting point for Noodlefilms is the wish
to explore and create interactive film experiences.
Interactivity is not to be understood as primarily a
technical challenge, on the contrary interactivity means
for us the fundamental condition in human understanding
and communication. Noodlefilms are to be "consumed"
and experienced by a user. As interactive films they
deliberately offer a certain resistance. The traditional
unity of the storyline is disposed of, and the user has
to participate to unfold the story. The ordinary
orientation and structuring attempts of the user is
challenged in the steady presentation of new variations
and possibilities.
f i l m
An interactive love-action film, 1998 (cd-rom)
The film starts with the artist sitting on his toilet
reading Foucault - a woman is taking a shower -
the door buzzer is ringing - a man is intruding.
The story starts over and over again. By clicking the
user changes the viewpoint and the powerplay
between the characters and the story changes
The film explores how many different possibilities a
simple situation contains depending on viewpoints
and powerplay. The camera is a kind of actor/joker
in this play. When the camera is changing hands,
the power of the characters is changing too.
-Table Tennis Tournament for Incompatible Personalities
An interactive film project for the internet created for
n2art (a curatored exhibition venue for nordic net art.
One-minute movies consist of small one-minute films
where two people meet in a table tennis match. To watch
a movie the user has to select a personality profile.
An opponent is randomly selected among other users and
this choise determines what film is played. Each movie
then confronts two persons from the real world,
represented by personality types in the fictive universe
of the game. The characters act according to pre-defined
templates, and the meetings are played through in many
different dramatic and visual versions. Altogether the
project contains more than 100 possible compositions
created as one-minute movies.
Switching is an interactive film made on DVD video.
Switching is a love story, you can change whenever
you like to.
Ground figure: The loop.
Plot: Trains of thoughts run around in circles, actions
are repeated ad infinitum. Reality has exploded in a
thousand pieces. Dreams, memories and fantasies
merge and combine in complicated designs.
The project is an attempt to think interactivity
radically into storytelling and plot technique.
Switching is released on the 30th of April 2003.
Financed by and in cooperation with the Danish Film
Institute. Supported by the Development Foundation
of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and MEDIA Programme
of the European Union.
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